Project 3 Police Bust

This project presents the different opinions about a police bust conducted in a club in Ikebukuro. It compares the different opinion that were posted on twitter as well as 2 channel, and also presents the interview with one of the rapper that organizes an event at the club in question.

The Bust happened on February 12th, with some 150 police officers storming a club, right in the middle of an event

Storify Page from the Police Bust

One of the rapper that was at the event kept tweeting about the details of the event

translation of the post above

-Ok, club BED just got police busted. We are taken to Shibuya

-and it’s even Shibuya Police Station

-Urine Test

-NOT postive

They apparently brought 150 troops with them. Stupid

-Nobody guilty, everybody released. Not a surprize

-Good Job! RT @KanakoSexyAsian: I took the Urine test and they were taking pictures of it. I gave them the middle finger but they didn’t say anything…I go home now

A few days later we got to interview of RAIZEN, one of the event promoter at the club.

Although not at the scene when the bust went down he agreed to give his opinion about the matter.

RAIZEN’s Interview


A week later however, some new rumors going around that contradicts the testimony that was originally tweeted saying that nobody got arrested or convicted.

Posts on 2 channel, talking about the Police bust and their various opinions about the matter.

Debates on the Hip Hop Thread   About the Police Bust in Ikebukuro

1: Go ahead

2: got here second!

3: That place had too much drug related problems anyways, Some brats just start to cause problems all the time and honestly, I don’t need that shitty club

4: Too late to make the thread ! It’s been a week since the bust

Those Popo’s over use their powers all the time.


19: I am sure there were some illegality into how the bust was conducted, but well, the more Core people get the more drugs are associated so I feel like what was coming finally came.

And I feel like there were still going to have a lot of protests even if the police had taken the right procedures.


52: at the end, how many people got caught in club BED?

Are there still no information released by the media or the police?

56: to 55,

Everybody was clean.

It’s going to be all over the news if there was even one guy with positive results.

Some News pointed out how the bust was conducted not properly.

On top of that some girl who came as a customer, had to take the urine test for drugs in front of a bunch of people.

If that’s true heads will roll in the Police top ranks guy.

It’s not only violating human rights but it is even similar to raping.

If it was me I would have taken this case to court.


57: the information saying that nobody got caught was from a bullshit source from Livedoor anyways

61: Apparently, there seems to have one person who got caught

and from what I heard, it was an employee at the club

I heard it from a guy from the business.

63: to 61

I heard it was more than one

and I heard it today

64: to 63

I heard the same thing yesterday

I was disappointed

75: I heard 8 people were arrested

and that’s how the image about Hip hop goes down

The employee at the Karaoke we went the other day were like “BED? how do you even feel like going there, there was a police bust recently LOL. Are you going to be Okay?”

85: to 83

the majority of people have probably the same opinion

Maybe listening to Hip hop just on the iPod is safer and better


93: to 75

don’t lie. you F**ker

I wish it was your kind that gets arrested

Bust at the club “BED”

150 people were tested for drugs →Everybody Clean→ “F**k the Police” on twitter

That how it went and everybody at the scene knows it

and if there was even one guy who got busted, it had been all over the news

Don’t even try to make up stuff that are too easy to point out wrong you virgin

101: I just confirmed there were few people who were arrested.

to 93, people at the scene couldn’t have been able to see what happened with everybody

Even the source was from an amateur reporter who posted on Livedoor

107: Everybody knows that people got arrested

because everybody knew the person

Every body being clean was a cheap shot statement

He should have never tweeted that


The majority of the posts had negative feelings towards the police but were still feeling that the club finally got what they deserved. There are still no official information released, but it is apparently sure that at least two people were arrested for possession of marijuana and usage of chemical drugs

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Project 2 Underground Japanese Hiphop.

Bourn in the U.S.A., the music genre of Hiphop has been very popular amongst the young audiences around the world. Even in Japan, Major label companies bring talented Hiphop artists to the radio, TV, and on CDs.

By struggles or choosing to do so, Underground Hiphop artists are performing regularly in clubs, live houses or other events. For them, Hiphop is more than a popular music genre.

This Interview is about how a young underground Japanese Hiphop artist/event organizer by the artist name of RAIZEN started his career in Hiphop, his view on the differences between Underground and Mainstream, and why he decided to host his own events.

What Japanese Hiphop means for them.

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Encountering problems trying to upload my Wave sound file on Sound cloud. it always stops at around 30-40%! any tips to fix it?


also, I made a storify page for the police bust incident in the club at Ikebukuro


check it when you can!

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Source for Project3

I will use the widely used “2-Chan” to show the various opinions about the Police bust.


It might be slightly biased, but it will show whanted to say some people have to say.

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Review for Lynn’s project 1


  • I like how you put captions underneath every cartoons.
  • I like how you made the title, looks like how newspapers back in the day would have designed theirs

I would have liked to see the cartoons in a timeline to kind of show the evolution of the humor in news paper.


  • the text in the cartoons are very hard to read.


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Review for Adora’s Project


  • Looks very clean
  • I like the picture of the stabbing hand, you can tell what’s the story will be about by just looking at this and the picture of the baby.
  • I like the story, and I think Adora did a very good job at presenting the “Bias” in old news paper, regarding illegal abortion.


  • The paper would have been a little easier to read if there had some clear separations between paragraphs. Maybe a blank line between them would have made the paper easier to follow through.


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-Tell us about How you started your career in Music?

I had a period where I was lost and didn’t go to high school after I graduated Junior High, and I was looking for a place where I could unleash my energy somewhere. A friend asked me If I wanted to come see him perform at a Hip Hop event, and I went. When I saw the event, I had a feeling that I could do something more intense, so after the event, I walked up to my friend and asked him straight if he could teach me Rap? So more like starting with music, I directly started practicing rap.

-What artists influenced you?

In the case of Hip hop, 2pac was a big influence for me. Like I said, I started directly practicing rapping from scratch and it’s not like I was raised surrounded by the music and the culture. So of course I tried to look for answers about what Hiphop is, and I stated by listening to Japanese rappers, but at the time, I felt that none of them had a clear message.Then I started skimming through the Japanese translation of 2pac’s lyrics or documentaries and I felt the powerful message. Of course the matters and the scale are different, but I thought Japanese hiphop could incorporate those powerful messages into their lyrics.

-How often do you perform now?

I perform two, sometimes three times a week

-What do you want the audience to feel when you perform?

Since we are doing Hiphop in Japan where it’s not very a major thing, people still do not let themselves out and just sit there quietly listening with their arms crossed. So even if they are shy about it, dance or expressing their feelings, I want them feel my excitement about what I am singing and get pulled into by it.

-How do you feel about performing? Do you feel performing as a stress reliever?

Before yes, not so much now. Now that I have made an independent album, and now that people buy my CD and listen to my music, I feel more responsible for conveying a message.

-What kind of things do you rap about?

I rap usually about the stuff happening around me.

-What do you think is the difference between mainstream and underground?

In case of Japan, I think it’s simply in the way  things are organized. of course there are exceptions and stuff we call “mainstream in the underground” but simply put, mainstream has a clear job separation between artists and people who produce/promote and all the other job behind the scene. On top of that mainstream has a clear cash flow and the artist of course is influenced by it. In case of the Undergrounf artist, including me, we have a different job aside rapping, and we use the money we earned there to produce CDs or promote making posters and flyers we designed ourselves. We have to go by ourselves asking people if they can put the posters somewhere, or we have to distribute flyers by ourselves. So basically in the case for underground, we have to expand our world by our own means.

-When you say you want to expand your world, do you mean you want to be part of the mainstream artists someday?

No, not at all. Of course I want to succeed at what I am doing and of course I have a desire to be able to live by what I do. But from what I’ve seen artists which a lot of money are involved for them, ends up having a different passion for what they do. I am not saying it’s bad but I am just saying we have a different kind of passion. We are not rapping for money, and we want to be as natural as we are in our music, and if we can’t rap what we want, then there is no point on doing it.

-What are your thoughts about the mainstream music which is popular at this moment?

Well whenever I go to places it comes to my ears, and some songs are good. It’s not like we reject everything that is mainstream. It’s just that what we do, is underground. So yeah I think some mainstream music are very good.

-How did you start organizing the event?

I always did not like the system that all the clubs needed a guaranteed ticket presale. So I was able to organize my own event, I made sure performers were not strained by ticket presale and that they could perform freely.

-Would you like to export Japanese HipHop abroad?

Yes I do.  It’s not like we are doing anything to export it, but in the near future, maybe. In my point of view, we are not mimicking Hiphop, we incorporate in our culture. So I think there are lots of unique aspect in our lyrics or style that is worth exporting.


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